Damage Control




Collapsible Gates

A common misconception clients have is that when the grilles are stacked back they take up too much space, but as you can see on the right this is not the case, they fold neatly to each side.

Have you had the problem of fitting between french doors with skirting boards? With our grille you just measure between the walls and cut away the excess frame on the grille, its really that easy and gives a professional finish every time, instead of using bulky spacers and wall plates that you have to pay extra for at other suppliers.

Face fix, reveal fix, floating sash, bi-parting, single, top hung, bottom rolling special brackets, whatever you need to do these grilles will fit everytime.

(Styles available are diamond lattice and curved as shown above)

Both these styles are available in top hung and bottom rolling, also LPCB level 1 available for high security use.

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