Damage Control




Carpentry and Joinery

We are often able to offer a same day fitting service. Damage Control are able to provide a full range of carpentry services including:
  • Replacement of all styles of doors and windows
  • Security upgrades to doors and windows
  • Hardwood & softwood doors in various designs
  • Purpose made doors
  • Repairs and replacement of door frames
  • Repairs and replacement of wooden windows, sashes, casements
  • Minor repairs

All our joinery is carried out in-house and all our carpenters are trained to the highest standard. Our policies on best practice are rigorously imposed. The benefit of this system is that we do not need to rely on outside suppliers.

Our in-house joinery facility can make items to customers specifications.

In cases where doors have been damaged, it can be difficult to purchase ready-made doors that match the original style. We can hand make doors to match originals, in-house, in a short space of time.

Sections of damaged doors can be replaced or repaired wherever possible so total replacement can be avoided. This method creates minimum disruption and allows a speedy repair service.